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Visiting New Zealand: The Right Way.

New Zealand is vast. We’ve got mountains, beaches, lakes, forests and pretty much everything in between. In fact, if you add the 267,710 square kilometres (103,738 sq. mi) that make us up, we are bigger in size than the United Kingdom, with only 7% of the population so we have a lot of wide open spaces to explore on your New Zealand holidays!

That’s where we come in. and CamperMate are a website and free smartphone app aimed to make your Kiwi holiday experience as fun and as stress free as possible.

For all you road-trippers in your cars and campervans; all you adrenaline junkies riding your Harleys and even scooters across the country; and even you Bear Grylls fans backpacking through the wilderness, New Zealand and its endless landscapes have never been easier to travel through. and CamperMate have everything you could ever need on your tour of New Zealand.

A map of the country locates New Zealand’s most important places; kiwi holiday parks, campsites or camp grounds; New Zealand supermarkets or the nearest service station; where to find the closest public toilets, even free-wifi spots; all the nearby facilities pinpointed for you to easily find.

With over 20, 000 downloads of the popular free CamperMate iPhone and Andriod app, we thought it was time to bring you a free website website to help plan your trip before you arrive. and CamperMate work directly with district councils, central government and travel associations to bring you the most comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Even you, our awesome travellers, have added new locations and shared great travel tips through the CamperMate app and on this website daily.  All locations that are submitted are independently verified before being added, so we only give you the best information you’ll need. If you find a location that isn’t there or has inaccurate information, let us know by submitting it though the CamperMate app.

Our goal is to make it simple for you to plan your trip around New Zealand, giving you more time to enjoy the best journey you will ever take.

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Get this information and more by downloading the free CamperMate app, New Zealands most comprehensive travel location database.

Travel smarter with CamperMate, the essential free New Zealand travel app that makes travelling around easier than ever before!

How to use the site?

Click the "Find a Location" button on the top left and select either 'Campgrounds for self-contained vehicles', or 'Campground for non self-contained vehicles' depending on if you have a toilet on board or not. Then look for these icons:

  • Free Campground Free
    *Self Contained vehicles only
  • Free Campground Low Cost (Under $15/night)
    *Self Contained vehicles only
  • Free Campground Paid (Over $15/night)
    *Self Contained vehicles only
  • Free Campground *if the icon has two vehicle types on it, it allows both self-contained and non self-contained vehicles.

Okay, got it!