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CamperMate and are run by a small team of passionate volunteers who, spend every moment they can in the New Zealand outdoors, exploring every inch of New Zealand, finding new locations for the project and new ways we can help you on your adventures.

We also happen to be total technology geeks. So naturally we combined our love of travel with our knowledge of the latest technology to create a really cool travel guide that lets you enjoy all the beauty of New Zealand off the beaten track.

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We even made the news!

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Hey there!

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How to use the site?

Click the "Find a Location" button on the top left and select either 'Campgrounds for self-contained vehicles', or 'Campground for non self-contained vehicles' depending on if you have a toilet on board or not. Then look for these icons:

  • Free Campground Free
    *Self Contained vehicles only
  • Free Campground Low Cost (Under $15/night)
    *Self Contained vehicles only
  • Free Campground Paid (Over $15/night)
    *Self Contained vehicles only
  • Free Campground *if the icon has two vehicle types on it, it allows both self-contained and non self-contained vehicles.

Okay, got it!